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Behind the Music

Ok, so here's a rundown of my day and why it's been so insane.

Me and another guy in Indy are trying to bring Moss Eisley, one of the world's bestest bands to Indy. Actually, we're quite set on it, so better to say we are definitely bringing them, to share their musical goodness (bestness?). The date for this event was only confirmed to us about a week and a half ago. That date is Thursday November 7th, 2002.

We had several venues in mind for this concert. All have fallen through as of the last 24 hours. The contract is technically due October 25. I am flying to Texas tomorrow for a reunion, and since the agent happens to be in Tyler, I planned on taking the contract with me. I also planned on having the flyers made and ready to be distributed, so while I'm gone people could start promoting around the Indy area.

Alas, you can't make flyers without a venue listed on them, and since we still don't have a venue, we also don't have flyers. One venue even sounded quite promising, they sounded very interested, just wanted to hear the bands.. so I had a friend drop off some CDs and waited for their call back after church tonight. The call came. Guess what? November 7th is the date they're having their parking lot sealed for the winter, and it will be entirely blocked off and can't be driven on for the rest of the weekend. There's no alternate parking. The promising venue is not an option any longer. It's quite frustrating that it's something like that which keeps us from having it there.. otherwise it wouldn't have been a problem to have it there.

On top of running around being all busy trying to secure this concert information today, I had work, school, more work, as well as 1 quiz, 1 journal, and 1 paper which I must complete before 9am tomorrow when I head to the airport [since I'm missing 2 days of school I have to get “ahead”]

And on top of that, I missed the bloody hit-count-#3993 on Cora's site today. Nothin' went right. At least there are other palindromic numbers coming up. :-) By the way, have you visited the eternal comment thread on her xanga?

Things have “calmed” a little, I guess.. I'm not as stressed as I was say.. an hour ago. Basically, the plans are changing slightly. Change is good, right? Funny, change is actually the subject we had last week in my Leadership Class.. guess I'm getting a chance to apply it now. I'm heading to Texas and my friends here in Indy are going to bust their butt to secure a venue. I'll be keeping in touch via voice mail and email, and as soon as we have something, I'll put it down on the contract, sign it, and hand it over. This of course delays getting the flyers ready and out, but my good friend Sheryl will be helping out with that. Everyone should give her big props because she's been really helpful with all of this stuff, as much as she can.

This will all be worth it in the end, seriously. It always is. The process can be a pain in the butt, but it's a blast to be able to do stuff like this. It will be worth it to let even just a few new ears hear Moss Eisley, and it will be good to help them out.

It was a crazy, hectic day. It still is pretty hectic. I'm down to just having that one paper to do; I imagine I'll be up a lot of the night on that one. Let's get that coffee perculatin', baby.

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Elizabeth Elizabeth
Aw, some days are like that. Jesus will make it all better. Don't you feel relieved now that I wrote that cliche? Seriously...I hope it works out. That's exciting that they would come all that way! Cool, let us know how the concert pans out as I know it will.

cora_lynn cora_lynn
you are on a plane on your way to texas right now!

Sheryl Sheryl
Actually, Cora, he's not. Not until 12:26. :-) But he is at the airport!

Actually I'm in Texas now!

conqueror conqueror
oh my goshness!!! you gotta tell us where the heck they're gonna play, when you get it figured out! that is so cool....i'll tell everyone that i know (all four of them) about how mosseisley is the bestest...they will come, i will make them, and they will behold and say, yes, you are right, they are the bestest.

and we shall skip barefooted through feilds of daisies and live happily ever after.

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