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Blessed by Your Own Ghost

Rather than write about my “just OK” day and how it basically turned to “crap-for-crap” after leaving work tonight.. I decided that I would rather focus on happier things. I'm not repressing anything, but I realize that I would much rather look back and remember happy things instead of crappy things.

So with that aside, on to what I want to write about. I've been thinking about this recently and wanted to share it, but I was debating whether to name names or just be ambiguous. Nothing negative, it's positive. I just wasn't sure if this person would prefer to remain nameless or not - sorta like some people don't like to be “bragged” on I guess you'd say. I decided to name names though, this person shouldn't mind, and if they do, they'll get over it. :-]

While in Texas, on one of the trips between Tyler and Garden Valley, Cora was kind enough (sarcasm) to play some NSync, which she actually likes. This confused me since it seemed for the most part she has good musical taste. So I asked why she liked NSync and was rather surprised (in a good way) by her answer. She explained that when she doesn't have a whole lot in common with a friend, she goes out of her way to try to make something in common. So she started listening to NSync so she could have something in common with a friend. And it's not like she did it just to appease that person, I mean, she really-actually-honest-to-goodness likes NSync. She said one time she watched Star Wars Episode I once a day, for 10 days, in order to be able to quote parts of the movie with another friend.

It just struck me as really cool and a great example of what friendship is about (no, not listening to NSync; going out of your way, or, the extra mile I guess). It was inspiring, maybe it will inspire you too. Cora's a good friend, she's fricken awesome.

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“We are the matched and numbered ones who live in constant disrepair. You may be blessed by your own, you may be blessed by your own ghost.

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cora_lynn cora_lynn
Hey man, you're giving out my secrets to how to be a good friend. I'm thinking of writing a book called “How to win friends and influence people” but I think that's already taken so maybe it'll just be “how to be a good friend” Just kidding. Thank you for the kind words.

Hey, you're welcome. Sorry to give out your trade secrets. :-)

mattie mattie
well, you can be all, “cora, cora”, but it's not gonna make me watch any star wars or star trek movie/episode ever just to relate to you, gRegor. i got a frickin' xanga site. isn't that enough? geeesh. AND, i cooked for you. that's SO enough.

uh.. what??

matilda matilda
ees joke.

april april
So yea. Anyone who knows Cora knows that she is like this. She has done way more for me than almost anyone in the world. Both her and Ethan i feel that i dont deserve. They do so much for me, and its not even things that i ask for. I mean a great friend will do somthing for you if you ask but Cora and Ethan do it even if you dont ask. They totally go out of their way and up and above friendship. They are freakin awsome. I love them both so much.

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