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Don't Mess With Texas

I don't think I've mentioned this yet, but I'm going to Texas.. in 25 days now, actually. I'm excited; it will be fun. I'm going for the HA reunion. I haven't been since two years ago, so it will be great to see some old friends like Obe.1 and Art (the Fart), as well as newer friends like cora_lynn and sunnygirl. You can tell the older friends aren't as tech-savvy, since they don't have weblogs or links. heh heh.

I was hoping Jeeves would come, but it doesn't seem likely. Blast you.

I just read one of the 'Premium Featured' writers from the front page of Xanga.. check out TheGoddess for some funny stuff, namely the "I'm being framed" post.

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Sheryl Sheryl
I'm going to Texas in 87 days.

Chayil Chayil
You're coming?! Uh-oh....I met you at one of those events! *hyperventilates at the memory of Rachel holding her captive as we waited for you to come out of Elliot Hall* hehe
I wish Jeeves was coming too. I havent seen him since last year's

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