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Have You Ever?

Have you ever wanted to get in a car and just drive somewhere? Like, far away, and not just temporarily. No, I don't mean in the typical sense you hear this question;

not to "get away" from anything or anyone,
not to "start fresh" somewhere else,
not for any reason really other than,
just.. to go.

That's all.

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Sheryl Sheryl
Sounds like you're about to up and drive off to California on us.

Nah, not anytime soon. And not without planning. I was just thinking about how sometimes we're so strapped down to our lives, that we forget to live.

bryan bryan
no, i usually want to do it for the purposes of getting away, adventure, or tell people about the gospel who actually want to know. for the sake of mere flight would be rare for me. and i'm out of college and still live with parents so i can live. hope this doesn't sound condescending or anything negative like that in any way. definitely not meant that way. the internet can be so impersonal and unintentionally caustic. :(

Nah, you didn't sound negative. In a sense I guess what I'm talking about would be for adventure. It was kind of a rhetorical question; I didn't really expect many others to think the same way, though I appreciate your response.

Patrick Patrick
I don't want to just hop in the car and go, but thats because Beautiful Colorado is surrounded by so many ugly states, so you have to go through ugly to get back to beautiful. What I do want desperately to do is to leave everything behind and go on a backpaking trip through my Rocky Mountains (I'm Irish “My Island”). I want to go and just spend time with Jesus where there is nothing but the stuff he made to distract me.

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