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Ignorance Costs Money

So yeah, I've been in this statistics class that's required for my degree. I've been confused and behind in the class for a couple weeks now, and things really haven't been looking bright for me catching up and doing well. I got a 47 on the stinkin' midterm. So I decided yesterday to drop the class, and today I made it all official.

My step is a lot lighter today, since I'm not in that stinkin' class anymore. I'll take it with another professor that I have heard is a lot better (he substituted one day this year, and I agree.. he's great). This also means I'm down to 12 credit hours this semester, an easier load.

One thing which I had kinda figured would happen, but wasn't sure about (I've never dropped a class outside the first week of classes) - since it was covered under scholarship, I now have to pay the full price for the class: $418.

See, ignorance costs money.

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Sheryl Sheryl
Wow. That really stinks. :-(

Grace Grace
Hey, you don't know me, and actually I don't know you..yep..but rumor has it you live in Indy....rumor also has it you do some sort of music something or other in Indy...yeah, I may be moving to Indy, and have a bunch of friends in radom bands here or there...soooo..point being, what exactly do you do down there in Indy?

april april
Suck. Im sorry gregor.

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