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No Use For a Title

So I think I'll do one of those list things. Within the recent sphere of time and events..

Things that suck:
- Financial debt
- The feeling that you're somewhat responsible for a bad situation - that you should have spoken up, but didn't.
- When a friend 'disappears' once they start dating
- Social(ist) (In)Security
- Our country's overall lack of knowledge about our own Constitution, and
- Our country's overall apathy to learning about it
- Vacuum cleaners
- Feeling distant from God
- Pink eye
- Jeeves moving to the northwest instead of here

Things that are fricken' awesome:
+ Being able to bless others
+ Going to Texas next weekend and seeing friends I haven't in years.
+ Staying up really, really, really late with said friends at Dennys
+ When a friend doesn't 'disappaear' once they start dating
+ Moss Eisley
+ The US Constitution (the document, not the ship; though the ship is pretty rad, too)
+ All my friends!
+ Coffee, Tea, and Hot Apple Cider
+ Hugs
+ Pillow fights
+ Chicago
+ Concerts, especially taking road trips to get to them
+ Knowing you are in God's will
+ Getting to meet middleageguy in person
+ The Echoing Green
+ Cornerstone Festival

..and many, many more things.

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Sheryl Sheryl

Sheryl Sheryl
But what does this list have to do w/ snakes?


Sheryl Sheryl
Oh YEAH. :-D

gwyneth gwyneth
wouldn't let me show love. lo siento. and i post on your site plenty...if that's what you were getting at. if you were getting at something else, than i am just really, really confused.

and also-i'd like to point out that when post a comment, it's always a nice lengthy one. :-D

gwyneth gwyneth
oh yes. and pinkeye bites HARD. i am going to have to break down and go to the doctor's for the first time in a few years. (well, i had to get a physical in 2000...but i don't think i've been since then).
as far as jeeves moving to the west coast...well...the west coast is cooler than here, but not where he is. the desert of the west coast is stupid. stoopid. haha. it's even stupider when you can't spell stupid right, huh?

Seren Seren
I really think that you shouldn't feel bad about a situation... and definately not partially responsible. You spoke your piece... and no matter what you would have said more than that, it was still gonna happen if it was gonna happen... y'know?

PS. I'm not really sure how to show love here, either... sorry!

Sheryl Sheryl
I agree w/ Seren.

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