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November Cometh

So November looms. That means the holiday season is about to officially come upon us. I normally enjoy the holidays, and always strive to do so, but it's been difficult ever since my parents divorced. I guess it gets “easier” (whatever that is) each year, but still a lot of the joy of the holidays is sapped out of them for me.

Thanksgiving is usually the holiday that I pick a parent to spend with, or usually whoever invites me first. Two years ago mom invited me first, so I went with her. Last year I felt like spending it with her, too, so I asked and got invited. I don't know that Dad appreciated that much. He wasn't upset about it, but he did make comment of it as I recall. Christmas is the holiday I get to split, usually spending Christmas Eve/morning with one, and the rest of Christmas day with the other.

This year I almost just feel like not dealing with it at all. If I lived farther away it would be justifiable and even reasonable that I wouldn't come home for the holiday. That sounds horrible, I know; cold. Am I cold? Maybe, but I don't know. I don't harbor unforgiveness against either of them - I'm through with that. I did for years and finally realized what was happening and how it was affecting me. It was a big burden that I was glad to be rid of. But that doesn't magically make things fabulous during the holidays for me.

Last year Sheryl invited me to come over after the half-family Thanksgiving, because she knew holidays can be depressing for me. That was really nice, and I ended up taking her up on the offer.

Maybe I'll go visit Jeeves for Thanksgiving or something, so when the parents ask I can say I already have other plans. Whaddya say Jeeves?

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jaythreekay jaythreekay
Dude! I was just about to say you could drop by — before I even read your suggestion at the end, hahah.
Hmm. Methinks you only want to recruit me to move to Indy, heh heh. But yeah, man. I'm going to NYC with some friends sometime around Christmas... also to the Biltmore Mansion(the largest mansion in America, I think... in Asheville, NC — popular holiday spot, lots to see).
Maybe, if you wanted, you could join us. Not sure when we're going, though... sometime right around Christmas. But if you're serious... we have room for ya.

Sheryl Sheryl
Of course he wants to recruit you to move to Indy. That's part of our devious plan. Oh wait. Did I just say that? ;-)

matilda matilda
gRegor...if you went to see Jeeves, i might be at home for christmas, and then i'd go down to nyc, too...and you could hang out w/ a whole CREW!
haha...and you could meet my friend zach, who's almost as odd as all of you. maybe odder. and he's gonna be my bro-in-law.

bbthe1 bbthe1
I understand. Sorry bro. I didn't go home at all last year.

Chayil Chayil
Thanksgiving with, sounds like fun...let's all invite ourselves. JK.
About the rest, I wouldn't say you were cold. My mom might, heh, but that's just because she'd be coming at it from the parents' perspective. I haven't had to make a choice like that, but I know I would hate being pulled and all the hassle myself. I would rather make my own way in the world in it all. But then, that's me

april april
well i hope you have a fabulous holiday this year. I am excited to see what its going to be like for me. Its the first holiday where i have not lived at home for the year and im just visiting for the holiday. It will be weird. Not to mention my friends are going to be out of town and my younger brother and best friend cant come cause hes in the marines. I will see him for christmas though. Im excited about that. I love that kid so much.

As much fun as it would be to go chill w/ Jeeves and Co., I wasn't really serious.. I won't be able to afford it, or the time off work for it. Thanks, though, seriously.

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