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There you have it, folks! I hope you enjoy it.

Of course, as with any site, it's not “finished”, I'll always be making little changes here and there.

I hope you're happy, Jeeves.

I hope you're enchanted, Gwyn.

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such as fixing the “show some love” links, that'll be one of the first uh.. “little changes” :-)

gwyneth gwyneth
enchantment abounds. i like how my internet friend boys have a thing w/ their names and numbers...
i could be, matilda11
what do you think? nope...not enough zeroes. matilda2880?
perhaps. i've decided that my next nickname will be matilda. use it at your leisure.

Sheryl Sheryl
i'm speechless.

Patrick Patrick
oooo!!! two comments from Patrick. Happy now?

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