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Well I'm in Texas now. As of a couple hours ago we have a venue secured, praise God.

It's interesting being here. Fun.. the environment is familiar like it were yesterday, except the buildings and people have changed.

At the same time.. I dunno. I feel like I don't quite fit in - in other words - there's so few people here that I know now. It almost feels like I'm at someone else's reunion, all the newer interns. The few that I know have introduced me to some of their friends, and we have hit it off quite well. But since I don't know many people here.. I don't want to monopolize the time of the few I know. They know far more people that are here this weekend and it almost feels like I'm just a tag along.

Of course I am sure these friends don't see it like that, so it probably doesn't matter at all. *shrug*

Heh, also I decided that rock n roll was more important than my geology paper, so I didn't end up doing the geology paper before I left. Heh heh.

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Sheryl Sheryl
Yay! A venue! God's awesome! :lol:

gwyneth gwyneth
interns now live in luxury.
racquetball courts? hellloooo?

Sheryl Sheryl
la la la

bryan bryan
i'm sort of out of things right now so i have no idea what's going on with anyybody, but i'm trying to catch up. cora is so fun so i know that part of tx has to be cool. however, i know what you mean about feeling out of place in a situation like that. to everything there is a season.

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