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Weekend Rap Up, Part I

“Yo yo yo, my name is gRegor
I went to Texas for..”

Ok, I can't rap.

So after the longest day ever, I think, last Thursday finally rolled around. I still hadn't packed my stuff, so I woke up early and started packing. Sheryl picked me up about 9:10 *cough* to take me to the airport. The flight to Texas was fine - it was cool, I seriously was able to see my mom's house from the airplane. She lives like 40 minutes west of Indy, so we were pretty high up by that point, but I just followed the roads and could tell for sure it was her house.

I was greeted at the airport by an entourage.. one that was mostly Xangan, too; it was fun. Cora, Joam, Piet, and April. Piet is hilarious, we got along well.. he and I talked the most probably on the car ride home. Joam was really quiet, and sleepy. He fell asleep on my shoulder (aww). April was pretty quiet too, but maybe it's cuz I just don't know her, or cuz Piet and I talked so much.

We all piled into Cora's spiffy rental car and headed to a phone to call middleageguy to meet up. We met up at the mall and we all went bowling. It was a lot of fun, he's quite funny. And he's not a 12 year old girl, gwYn. I'll put a picture up here once I get them back.

We stopped by campus for a bit and ended up heading back to Tyler hanging out at the Cora-Dawn-and-Amy party pad. They have a Super Nintendo and let's just say I kicked some butt at Dr. Mario. Uh.. ok, not. It was one of the first times I'd played. Then, Piet and I, who appear to be at about the same video game skill level [above 'suck' but below 'good'] played Arkanoid. He'd never played it before, so that was fun to introduce him to that. Fun game.

Casey arrived at about 8pm. Fun reunion times were had by all. Not a whole lot happened Thursday, it was just a “chill” day; I had fun making new friends. While it was originally offered for me to crash on the floor there, I guess a lot of other alumni girls were invited over and might have felt uncomfortable with that (even though I was in the living room?), so Casey took me back to campus. I guess it was probably because they wouldn't be able to get any sleep knowing gRegorLove was just a room away, they'd be so giddy.


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matilda matilda
yeah, no joke. i'm not sure which part is no joke, but seriously...for real.
i'm approaching the engrish level of lucidity here. go me.

matilda matilda
here's a new faq for your section:
“why is gRegorlove's hair at times dangerously close to a mullet?” and then you answer.
i recommend going with something about ron luce being your inspiration.

Sheryl Sheryl
Ok, 3 things:

1. Better take some medicine for that cough you have there.
2. You lie.
3. I think gwyn is obsessed with your hair.

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