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Weekend Rap Up, Part II

I'm not intentionally “dragging this out”, just writing as I get time.. and while most of the details may not be significant to you, it's for my own memory's sake mostly.

So Thursday night I stayed at Tom Gill's place. Big mistake. Tom's a great guy - his cat however was most annoying. He has a kitten that never sleeps, and always wants to play. Plus, it absolutely had to be in the spot where I was sleeping on the floor. So it kept waking me every 10 minutes.

Friday I slept in and got up and ready to go do whatever at about 11AM. I wandered around and found Josh Oberheide, my best guy friend ever. We have been really bad about keeping in touch the last year or two, but it didn't seem like anything had changed, we still have the same closeness, which is really awesome. He's a great, great guy. He's not on Xanga, though I did try to recruit him. :-) We ended up going to lunch at Wendy's with both of Josh's sisters, Nathanael Ferguson, and several other people I don't remember their names now.

Oh yeah, remember about the whole lack of a venue thing? Well we still didn't have anything on Thursday, so I was kinda stressing in the back of my mind about that. After I got back from lunch I got in touch with Sheryl and found out they had secured a venue; that was one of the highlights of the weekend. I was a lot more free to enjoy the weekend after that. Heh heh.

I went back to the aforementioned party pad with Cora and Joam to have dinner - got the special privilege of Cora cooking dinner for us (she said she doesn't cook for people often). We had pasta w/ meat sauce and of course - Texas toast. Good stuff. Then we headed back to campus for worship.. which.. was somewhat of a letdown for me. They played like four songs, only one of which I knew. And it was just kind of long, for being only four songs.

Afterwards I ran into several alumni from my class that I was not expecting to be there, so that was a pleasant surprise. Quite a nice one, too, since honestly I had only seen a couple people I knew from my class. There are others I knew, like on staff, but like I mentioned, I didn't want to monopolize their time and be a tag-along.

I took Nathanael Ferguson up on his offer to stay at his house - which is without felines. I even got a couch that night.


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matilda matilda
does tom have that huge dog-cat? alumni weekend worship has had the same effect for me. not the first year, but last year.

gwyneth gwyneth
irregardless...a word.

Uh, no, I said “kitten.” Think cat. Tiny.

Gwyn, you're redundant. Use “regardless.”

gwyneth gwyneth
well, he wanted to get this huge cat-dog thing...guess he didn't. i wish i had a cat.
i am not redundant OR repetetive for that matter. dork.

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