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Some Clarity

Well first, a good joke might help:

Q: What do you have when you have a lawyer with cement up to his neck?
A: Not enough cement

A good chuckle now is helpful, and that pretty much sums up how I feel about lawyers right now, specifically “music attorneys.” I love Moss Eisley, love 'em to death. I don't know them well personally, though I did get to meet them and from what I have read, heard, and seen, I totally support them and their vision. They aren't just out there to be rock stars, they're out there to impact lives, and not in a cheezy CCM way - a real way.

Their booking agent has been most helpful and flexible with working out this show. Apparently Moss Eisley's music attorney hooked them up with a big showcase in LA where lots of labels will be, and he doesn't want them to go on this mini-tour because they need to be practicing, rehearsing, and getting everything set up for that. The agent told me she and the Moss fam talked it over to see if there was any way to NOT cancel this show - and I believe her, I'm sure they didn't want to. She was very apologetic as was the band.

But still, it's very frustrating. As far as I'm concerned, the booking agent BOOKS THE BAND. This either should have come up sooner, like before the contract was signed. Or if it was a more recent development, then it should have been like “Look, we have a contract here for this show already.” 6 days before a show is no time to cancel a show unless it's an emergency or some act of God. This qualifies as neither to me. They would like to reschedule, which I mean.. I still want to have them come play, but I'm just in no frame of mind to even think about that today.

On the upside, we hadn't put much money into this really except for flyers. What sucks about that is I just sent out press releases to several papers, radio stations, and TV stations. Time to start getting the reverse news out, taking down flyers, etc.

I'm not upset at Moss Eisley. I am quite frustrated with the booking agent and the overall lack of communication.

Bah! Go away, week from hell.

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Sheryl Sheryl
That really sucks a big fat one.

MossEisley MossEisley
From the band - MossEisley
Our deepest regrets about this cancellation. This is the first time we have ever had to cancel a show.
Please know that this was not some b_terd attorney's fault.
There were numerous factors that led to this very difficult decision.
Most of it was the failed communication between our booking agent, and us, (the parent's). There were financial difficulties, vehicle difficulties, and other things. I could go on and on.
We hope to be able to reschedule.

Don't hold anything against our music attorney. He works for us too. The showcase that he has set up, will be for Capitol and Island Def Jam.

Just so you all will know, these are not opportunities that MossEisley has chased after...they have come to the band.

Gregor, thank you for all your hard work on this. We hope to make it up to you soon.

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