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I'm kinda slackin' today, at least as far as homework, but I have been productive in other areas. Seems people sometimes have problems with photos on Xanga, so I threw together a little “Xanga Help” page with tutorials. Check it out. Hope it helps, pass it along to anyone that may need it.


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Sheryl Sheryl
Well, aren't you just Mr. Helpful. :-) Hehe. I haven't been very productive as far as homework today either, but I have gotten other things done, like paying my bills, which I was about a week behind in doing. (Not a week behind in the bills, though, thank God.) And unbelievably, since I didn't get to having God time until just a little while ago... I went all day without going online until now. Not even to check my email. Yay me.

Sheryl Sheryl
Haha... now my comment ended up being longer than your post. :-P

mattie mattie
senor altruism

bryan bryan
this is very helpful gRegor. i was kind of wondering where i could get images hosted. now how about documents? every now and then, i'll do a study and wonder how i could provide a link to it so others could benefit from my hard work as well. but obviously, these would need to be hosted too, but PhotoIsland i'm guessing is strictly for photos (yes?) also, seen anything good movie-wise, theatre or video, lately?

bryan bryan
if ya could, email those answers rather than post.

bryan bryan
i've been wanting to correspond with you anyway.

bryan bryan
wow, the music attorney thing stinks. by the way, this reminds me of what we've been ostensibly discussing on xanga about promises. (if you remember dawn's post, i commented there after you did and made a link to where i had brought up the subject on my own site — check it out.) why is it, though, that so many christians think nothing of breaking promises, little and big alike? personally, i think all promises are important to keep, even the little ones. but it seems like a lot of people say, “oh well, jesus loves me anyway” or something like that (who knows what they say? i can't get into these people's heads.) and just shrug it off. abuse of grace.

Sheryl Sheryl
How cool. You made Atari-ized your Xanga page too. :-) I like it.

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