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april april
not i. I need to but i guess i didnt go to the class where the passed out registration forms or somthing.

mattie mattie
i'm not...not registered. not registered b/c the first/last time i did...i got called for jury duty in ny when i was in tx. creates all sorts of problems. besides, our country's goin' down the crapper anyway. haha.
benevolent dictatorship!

daniel daniel
i don't think i'm allowed to vote in florida. im registered in texas. but i probably wouldn't vote anyways because i dont watch tv or read newspapers so i dont know who to vote for. and i dont really care

Sheryl Sheryl
I'm not because I forgot to register. Which is ok. I usually make sure I go vote for the presidential elections, that concerns me more than the local ones. I should probably be more concerned about the local ones than I am.

bbthe1 bbthe1
umm...*covering face because it's blushing under much shame* ...I'm a resident of my home state not my current state. And I have no clue as to what's going on in my home state, 2500 miles away, so I didn't get an absentee ballot, etc. I know, bad excuse.

chayil chayil
heh seems like veryone who commented isnt voting. I'm not either but thats just because I...yeah dont really much want to. Maybe when we get to elect a prez.

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