gRegorLove little g big R


mattie mattie've sent sheryl into a dither. you need to keep that one on reserve for really, really strong women. like me.
no, i don't like the last name morrill. dahler is so much more continental...
i wish i could go to switzerland.

Oh be quiet.. I'll show you a dither Ms. “really, really strong woman”

For some reason that reminds me of Zoolander: “really, really, really good looking”

Chayil Chayil
heh, good one.

Sheryl Sheryl
“ridiculously good-looking”

And gwyn... I would NOT define that as a “dither”.

bryan bryan
that is funny, gregor.

mattie mattie
play your dithery-doo, mate, play your dithery-doo. (a folk singer w/ a lisp describing a musical sort of activity in australia)

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