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A night with gRegor and friends

Last night was fun. A group of my friends and I got together and went down to the Circle Center Mall to go play video games at Gameworks. Now, I'm borrowing Sheryl's PS2 while she's in Mexico, and have the Star Wars: Bounty Hunter game at home to play - and it is quite fun I might add - but I went despite the high arcade prices, to hang out with my friends. Plus games like Crazi Taxi and pinball are worth it.

Afterwards we went to Steak n' Shake. I almost didn't, because I'm still sick. Ah yes, I got sick two days before Christmas. It's all in my throat, the rest of me feels fine, but my voice has been really hoarse. Anyway, I decided to go after all and I'm glad I did because it was fun; we laughed so hard.

We had this waiter who was cool; he didn't seem to mind the fact he had to wait on 10 or so people at two tables. Some of the highlights of the evening:

  • April, who was sitting across the table and next to her boyfriend Dave, was talking to Dave and not paying attention when the waiter was asking what drinks we wanted. I said “April” semi-loudly to get her attention. She looked over, realized, and ordered coffee. Then she went back to talking to Dave and didn't hear the waiter ask if she wanted creamer. Again, I said “April” semi-loudly to get her attention. When the waiter returned with our drinks he said “April” semi-loudly, even though she was paying attention. It was hilarious, and the first clue our waiter was cool.

  • So we get our food and several of us start eating. Megan asks “so who's going to pray?” Dave answers, “I pray to myself.” I don't remember exactly what Megan said in response, but it was something like “you pray to yourself? you're a god?” which cracked the entire table up. Dave clarified he just meant as in, praying silently - but that didn't stop several cracks about it being made the rest of the night. i.e. “Our Dave, which art across the table from me..” I jokingly prayed. I asked if people would start using his name as a swear word now, “Dave dammit!” Sacreligious? Perhaps, but none of us were serious and I think God has a sense of humor. It was funny.

  • Finally - this topped everything and made most of us laugh so hard it hurt - when the food came rather quickly, Andy commented that it was the fastest service he thinks he's received at SnS. Paul echoed that and the waiter, who of course heard this, said “It's because I'm the shit.” which made everyone laugh of course. The best part, though, was once the waiter was gone, Mandy said that the waiter had said “chef.” I don't think she was making a joke, either, I think she thought that's what he said. We died laughing because that would make no sense; Mandy seemed to not understand why he would say he was the “shit.” So of course, already being in a slap-happy mood, we started using the “chef” euphamism in various phrases people might say. chef-faced, chef for brains, chefhead, etc. Man, we laughed so hard.

    Perhaps you had to be there to fully appreciate it, but hopefully you chuckled.

    Time to go shoot up some stuff w/ Jango on SW: Bounty Hunter.

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    bryan bryan
    that's cool. another euphemism. a muslim friend of mine were talking and even though they worship a different god than we do, they have the same premarital purity principle we do. he was asking his girlfriend if she had ever slept with anyone (i.e. had broken their rule) but i guess he aked in a sort of indirect way and (this was on IM) she responded with “you mean have i...” when he was recounting this story to me, he said “dot, dot, dot” and i hadn't realized that it was an IM conversation. i thought this was in person. so i laughed real hard that she had phrased it this way. he set me straight, but we both thought it was a funny euphemism for sex (“dot dot dot”) and decided to use it in the future as warning when people were talking unwholesomely at work. Like if we walk into a conversation and say what are you talking about? — if it was sex one of us could say to the other “dot dot dot.”

    bryan bryan
    my endquote and end of parenthesis turned into a winky. it actually kinda works there though

    Sheryl Sheryl
    Hola, mi amigo. :)

    middleageguy middleageguy
    I've heard good things about SNS, but haven't tried the one out here yet. I'll give it a try. And, I'm with you; I think God definitely has a sense of humor.

    Sheryl Sheryl
    That's right, I realized after spending a week with a lot of people from Texas, that they don't have Steak n Shake. Wow. Weird to think about. Life without Steak n Shake. Heh. ;-)

    BlackWolf BlackWolf
    ha ha ha, thanks for the comment, I have heard of the guy.


    BlackWolf BlackWolf
    ha ha ha, thanks for the comment, I have heard of the guy.


    mattie mattie
    i'm not a huge fan of steak and shake...their fries are very 'eh'. not to mention it's kind of expensive.

    i did chuckle more than once.

    (sounds like a very cool waiter)

    Sheryl Sheryl
    I think their fries are pretty good con queso.

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