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First Day of New Semester

The Spring semester started today. Actually it started Saturday, when I had an orientation for my distributed class. Basically that means there is no actual class to go to, it's entirely via the Internet. That's my Multimedia Programming class and I'm very much looking forward to it, it's gonna be fun.

Gee - tar
My only class on Mondays is beginning guitar. This was fun, our teacher is very laid back and funny. He also is very talented. He's 53 and has been playing since he was 8. We had a bit of a crash course learning several notes and attempting (as a class) to play a simple song. Heh heh. That was fun.

While eating lunch today I overheard a lady talking about guys (in general) and she said “..well I don't want someone I can wrap my arms around 3 times..” Guess I'm off her list. Fine by me.

Notable Words
I was reading on Brandtson's messageboard today and discovered that several of their song titles were taken from the Wes Anderson movies Bottle Rocket and Rushmore, which are both very funny in my opinion (and many others). Rent 'em if you haven't seen them yet.

  • Grace Thinks I'm a Failure
  • Sic Transit Gloria (Glory Fades)
  • Potential Getaway Driver
  • Some Kind of Jet Pilot
  • With Friends Like You

    Geek fun
    I read about this online recently, fun little geeky thing you can do in Windows:

  • Create a text file with notepad, with the first line being “.LOG”
  • Save the file whatever name you want
  • Every time you open the file, on the line under “.LOG”, the current date/timestamp will be inserted.

    Oooh, nifty. Impress your friends. Don't hurt yourself.

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    juh-juh-juh-jay three kay juh-juh-juh-jay three kay
    Dang it. Brandtson stole my idea. Oh well. Can't be mad at them for having great taste, now can I?

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