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Good Movie Lines

“Hi, I'm earth. Have we met?”
“I don't think so..”

“Your firearms are useless against them!”

That's all for now. Kudos if you know the movie.

Oh, and a fun non-movie quote that I just remembered:

“You and Jeeves are the same person in different bodies.” - gwYn

Heh heh.

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eddy eddy
is it from zoolander? ugh...i don't know, i know i've heard it and that i've seen the movie, but it's just not coming to me. sorry...
and oh boy, i'm being quoted now. woooo.

Sheryl Sheryl
I know this. I *know* I know this. But I just can't remember right now. Dammit!

mattie mattie
is it mst3k? ugh.

eddy-that s what my mom has decided to c eddy-that s what my mom has decided to c
it is tommy boy. duh. and so what if i cheated.

middleageguy middleageguy
You're right. The last declared war was WWII, which means that Korea, Vietname, et al all happened without the formal declaration.

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