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Fun Wastes of Time

Yes, the movie quoted was Tommy Boy. I didn't realize they would be such stumpers, although I did just watch the movie myself yesterday. :] As for cheating, no big deal if it works, right? Worked for Microsoft. No, really, it did. Speaking of operating systems:

Every once in a while one of those online quizzes will strike my fancy and I will take it. Being a computer science geek, I of course wanted to take this when I saw it. Even if you don't take the quiz, check out the possible results, I think they're hilarious (particularly the Windows ones).

The site that quiz came from [] is great, I had forgotten about it. They post some quality news. For example:

Check out the site, have fun.

It's 4 freakin' AM. Why am I up? My sleep schedule has been jacked this week. Time to try to get back to sleep.

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Sheryl Sheryl
Hilarious? The results are so dead on. Anyway, I was OS/2 Warp. Weird. Hehe... I really liked the last question. I answered it “If I end up Windows ME someone is going to be hurting.” :-D

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