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Fun with Multimedia

I just finished my first real assignment for my Intro to Multimedia class. It was fun, and looks pretty good I think. It's this language called SMIL, which is basically used to make slide presentations. If you have RealOne Player (the latest one*) you should be able to view it.

It's called Some Bands I Enjoy and You Should Too. You will probably have to copy that link and use the “Open..” menu option in RealOne Player to open the URL, otherwise it will just load in your browser and not look at all like it's supposed to. :-)

*This will only work in RealOne Player and not previous Realplayer versions.

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I don't get it. I see the page but...It's supposed to play music too? Copying and opening didn't work, but then again, I'm dumb about stuff like that.....

If you click the link, it will most likely just open up as a the images in a web page. This isn't what you want though, it's designed to be opened in the RealOne Player. There's no music, it should just be a slide show that fades from image to image, along with text captions.

If you don't have the RealOne Player it's probably not worth the time downloading just for this piddly slide show, though.

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