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Lies? To the American people? From the, gasp, government? Inconceivable.

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holy crap! what are you saying, gRegor?

BlackWolf BlackWolf
I've known that for many a year now gRegor. I listen to the formost athourity on the subject of truth in government Rush Limbaugh.

Those of you who are laughing right now at me, I challenge you to listen to him for two weeks. Then you can critizie me from an “informed” perspective.


Well duh, the concept explained in that article wasn't anything earth-shattering, anyone with half a brain should understand the concept already. What was so great, though, was that it actually came from a big-time media source like USA Today.

No, Rush isn't the foremost authority on truth in government. I've listened to him quite a lot over the years, and am not saying anything negative about him, but he's not the foremost authority on truth in government.

BlackWolf BlackWolf
Eh, ok, I'll concede that, but counter with he carries the largest radio audience, and does help to promote peoples thinking on thier own with more facts then you get from the typicaly librl media.

But I do have to contend with USA Today being a big time media source, they arn't as big as they want you to think they are, the main reason being most of thier news is days old. Unless you live in big metro type areas. Thus saying even though they sell nation wide, it ain't very deep nation wide. Old news is not news, and you can't sell it very well. And with that I have expertise being a paper carrier for more then 3/4 of my life.


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