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"too many songs about bitches and hoes
too many songs about pimpin'
too many songs about just getting high
too many songs about money

there's too many songs about the end of the world
and too many people who listen.
too many songs about how God closed his eyes
and not enough songs about love

there's not enough songs about love in the world
there's not enough songs about love.."
~ AnythingBox "Radio Static"

The first line of this song cracks me up every time. It's a good song, I think. Pretty good band, too. Check them out. This song is actually part of the album they released for free on the Internet. Yup, entirely free. You can download it, even download some album art to print out.

For the high-speed access people out there, you should check out the Honda commercial. It's impressive because it's entirely a Rube Goldberg machine, and supposedly they did it with no special effects. I heard it took like 600 takes to get it right. Watch, you'll see.

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