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I just witnessed a "moment":

"Do you recycle paper here?"
me: "No, I'm sorry we don't"
"Oh..well I hate to just throw it away.." *walks toward the trash can kind of biting her lip, with a look of regret/sorrow*

But she threw it away and then left. It was so moving.. so inspiring. I bet she went out and hugged a tree and apologized afterwards. Oy.

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indykitty indykitty
That's so funny. I used to be like that. I was almost a vegetarian too, but my friend Jim printed out this article that explains how the Bible says that animals don't have souls. We can eat them. They don't have souls.

guitarstrummingpunk guitarstrummingpunk
Yep, I'm a moon struck apple pealin' ocean lover.

birdwalking birdwalking
oy, indeed. funny. *bryan shaking head.* hey, love the new green and anthill looking font on the new

catchya later dude,


middleageguy middleageguy
Sounds a lot like my daughter.

thenewdroan thenewdroan
i'm like that so much. I can't understand it when peopld don't recycle.

JoseyPrice JoseyPrice
I know a guy who has a cool hand. His hand is always cool. It's always pretty cool.

edthechic edthechic

that's great.

and i'll share about my butt anytime...

*wink wink*

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