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I registered for summer classes; I'm taking two courses in Human Biology over both summer semesters (May 14 - Aug 15); woo hoo. Not my favorite topic, but it was really one of the only options.. the other options met every Mon - Fri from like 9 - 1. No thanks.

At least it's just lecture and not lab.

And after this summer, I'll only need 29 more credit hours. Rock n roll.

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shroomgirl shroomgirl
Yeah, and then you'll be graduating and probably moving far away to California or something. :P

gwyneth gwyneth
1 more year...graduation would be more exciting if i went to iupui, or whatever it is that you go to.

why, gwYn? I don't find it extraordinarily exciting.. yeah I look forward to it, but it's not exciting. Maybe cuz it's still a year off.

shroomgirl shroomgirl
It's still a year off, but it will be a life-changing thing for you. You've been in school for quite a while, so it's been a big focus for you. After school, your priorities will be forced to change. So yeah... anyway.

I know, silly. I was asking gWyn why it would be exciting here, and not there (apparently?)

shroomgirl shroomgirl
Oh, ok. I see. :)

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