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I went over my class requirements last night and realized I actually need 33 credit hours, which kind of stinks because that means I'll be 3 credit hours short of graduation next Spring. And an 18 credit hour semester does not sound appealing.. and is not really feasible for me, either.

None of the other classes I need are during the summer, so there's really no way around it. So guess I'll be taking a lone class Summer '04, but that'll be it. No biggie really, just means 8 more weeks of class.

I'll probably be moving the news links over to the site where my essay is, that way those who are interested can still read 'em. is still down, though will hopefully be up sometime in the not so distant future.. may have to find a new host, that's all.

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Hey, if you find a new host, let me know. Obviously, I may have to find one too.

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