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I was reminded, from a phone conversation with my mother yesterday, that I want to find some good recipes. Being pretty busy with school and work, I usually don't feel like cooking* a good meal at the end of the day. But I'm sure there are relatively "quick" meals that I could be eating.

Anyway, mom's gonna look through her recipes and get me some stuff soon, but I figured I should check on the 'Net too since everything (and its brother) is online these days.

I googled for "good bachelor recipes" as I recall, and the first site that came up was great. The first line was hilarious. Check it out: Recipe Suggestions for the Young Bachelor

In music news, Eisley had their EP "Laughing City" come out yesterday. It's on amazon and several other online retailers (best buy, wal-mart), but mostly in independent record stores. I imagine it will be coming to the local wally world, best buy, etc. eventually, just not right now. Record Collection Music has a free Mp3 from the EP. Check it out if you have a high-speed connection (or are patient) - either way it's a great song and worth the download, IMO.

In political news, yet again we have an "Orange" terror alert in America. These things are starting to tick me off. You do realize it's just a scare tactic to keep citizens panicked while they fleece us of our rights, don't you? I'll save that rant for another time..

* Yes, I can cook. Thanks mom for teaching me how while growing up.

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Elizabeth Elizabeth
My mother didn't let me learn how to cook when I was growing up so...I made her collect recipes when I graduated and moved on my own...gosh, I was so lost. Heh, heh. I think I should look up bachelor recipes too, since I'm just not that much of a cook.
Orange alert...oh dear. I am not necessarily convinced they are stripping us of our rights, but at least trying to make us trust the government as if they somehow actually know what they're doing. Yeah right!

gwyneth gwyneth
quay-sah-dill-uhs are pretty easy. :-D
just dice chicken, shake plenty of taco seasoning on it, fry it (w/ a LEETLE bit of oil), then put a tortilla face down (haha, get it?) in the pan, cover the whole thing w/ cheese (to taste) and then put chunks of chicken (and rice, if you like it) on half of it. flip the tortilla over when the cheese is mostly melted. cook till it looks done. eat. enjoy. muy delicioso, no?
(it's easy to make extra chicken and just keep that in the fridge. then making a quesadilla takes all of 5 minutes. (keep cheese and tortillas in freezer for extended keeping power).

Sheryl Sheryl
Hmm. I'll probably have to be doing that soon too. Finding something to cook quickly and easily. I like to cook, though, so it shouldn't be too bad. I might be nice and cook for my (possible) roommate too, though, although it looks like she'll have an even crazier schedule than mine.

Kathy Kathy
Hmmm I'm an awesome cook... as long as you don't freak about the fact that i don't measure anything. That's no thanks to my mother, she can't cook at all.
My friend Jim is always making things like stir fry. And for like a year he didn't even know how to cook rice... so it can be done.

Rachel Rachel
hmm, good ol' home cookin', el rapido style. Most of the things I make when it has to be quick are stuff like mac an' cheese, instant oatmeal, those 88 cent frozen entrees...grilled I'm probably not going to be much help here, although I'm a good enough cook when the fit takes me. Sounds like you found yourself some good help though. I look forward to seeing the newest version of the site when it's up and running!

btw, "<i>it's</i> brother"? Tsk tsk.

Rachel Rachel
either I've forgotten a LOT, or html is disabled in this comments list...weird.

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