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I just added a new part to the site: Buy my Stuff! So go there.. and buy my stuff. I know many of you especially want that Carmen RIOT CD. At such a great price, I bet it will be first to go. Heh heh.

Classes are over, as are 4 out of 5 finals. Yay! It's been a really rough semester, and while I don't have much of a break before my summer Biology class, I'm looking forward to a fresh start.. and only having one class.

I also registered for fall classes. I decided to stretch my college career out one semester longer (but not indefinitely, like Van Wilder) instead of cramming it into two semesters. This means I can take like 12 credit hours each semester.. a nice light workload.

That's all for now.

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needs a nap needs a nap
i checked. i don't want any of your crap. :-D thanks, though.
maybe i should sell some of my stuff. hehe, yeah.

cora_lynn cora_lynn
i want a book. i'm getting some paypal money, maybe i'll use some of that for the database management book... unless someone snatches it up before my money gets to me! (:

i'm such a nerd.

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