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"Increased enforcement begins May 18", says the billboard in large letters. The rest of the billboard makes it clear that it's referring to seat belt usage and there are "no exceptions, no excuses."

I find this horribly pathetic. First of all, it essentially admits "we, the police, haven't really been doing our job.. at least the best we could." Second of all, and perhaps more importantly (IMO), most seat belt laws are stupid. Should people wear seat belts? Yes. Should police be able to pull you over and ticket you for not wearing one? No. Why? Where's the crime? If you, an adult, choose to take the risk of not wearing a seat belt, that's your responsibility and not a crime! These are victemless crimes and serve only as a fundraiser for the State.

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Elizabeth Elizabeth
Aw, but gRegor, those poor politicians have accidently spent our money badly, so I think we should give those good old boys some more to make it up. Really, I'm astonished at your lack of generosity.

accidentally my ash. :-]

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