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I've been told yet again that I look like somebody else. It's been a while, but this time it wasn't the usuals.

I've most frequently been told that I look like David Spade...

which I can see, and don't mind since I think he's pretty darn funny.

Occassionally I've been told that I look like Owen Wilson [he's so hot right now!]...

which I don't so much agree with, but certainly don't mind since he's been in some of the best movies and also has a great sense of humor. I think the big thing is we both have unique noses - his was actually broken, though. Mine is naturally unique. Shut up.

And finally.. the latest person I've been told I look like...

Shaggy, not Scooby. Again, shut up. :-] I don't really see this one, personally, I think it's just the goatee thing. For those who haven't seen me in a while - or ever - I have a bit of a goatee now. I dunno, I guess I'm indifferent to this comparison. It's kinda funny.

Who do you look like?

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Kathy Kathy
I think you look like Scooby.

Joshua Williams Joshua Williams
I have been told I look like James Hetfield, the lead singer from metallica, shaggy(the cartoon one), sean penn and that one white guy from that one movie.

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