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Busy, Busy

Well I've been keeping busy so far this summer, but having fun while doing it. This past weekend I drove to Knoxville, TN to visit my former roommate Alan as well as a friend of his, Joyful. He's going to Johnson Bible College and is spending the summer there since he doesn't have a car this year. Unfortunately I was only able to be there about 24 hours due to working Sunday morning, but we had fun. One of the highlights was that they still have Shoney's down there. I thought they had gone out of business entirely, but I guess they just closed down in certain areas - like Indiana. All-you-can-eat breakfast buffet, aw yeah. They also have this rockin' used bookstore (McKays) that puts Half Price Bookstores to shame. It was huge. I got two Dilbert books for $1.50 each.

The weekend before that I drove out to Urbana, IL to visit my friends Tim & Fia. I haven't seen them in nearly a year, since they moved out there. It was good to just relax with them and catch up. Urbana is a nice town. It's a college town, but fairly suburban, with lots and lots of trees in the neighborhoods. It seemed pretty laid back. Wherever I live will hopefully have that kind of atmosphere - and trees.

And next weekend I leave for Cornerstone. I'm looking forward to that, it will be fun as always. Plus this will be a trip where I stay longer than just a day, like my last two weekend trips.

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Sheryl Sheryl
Oh yes... Shoney's does exist in other states still. :-) Seren and I stopped at one on the way down to Kentucky for my cousin's wedding a couple months ago. And then this past weekend, Melissa insisted that we stop at one on the way to Morningstar. Shoney's is great. :-)

Your babies mama! Your babies mama!
Why I remember living in Texas getting stone drunk and then hitting up the shoney's where I'd flirt with the help. Erleen was quite a cetch. Ok, that's a lie. I'm a liar.
I would totally be cool with ganging up on Joam and Cora the only fear is their last name. Who would be CRAZY enough to attack a couple with a name like that? Madness, sure madness!

Shaina Shaina
uhm. . .know if joyful was an intern at a time? Did she have black hair. . . .hrm. . . . if so please email me: thanks!

middleageguy middleageguy
Would you please take my son with you to Cornerstone? He's driving me crazy about letting him go off with a group of equally young kids. Not going to happen this year though....

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