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Punch Drunk Love

This just didn't fit with the last post, thus I'm making two today. Special deal just for you, two for price of one!

So I rented Punch Drunk Love last night. Wow.. fabulous movie. It's hard to describe, its something that has to be experienced to be fully appreciated I think. Adam Sandler does a very good job in an atypical role for him, proving he can be more than just the funny guy.

Without giving away too much, its basically about Sandler's character who's got some neurotic problems, seemingly from his overbearing and.. weird... 7 sisters. The story involves a harmonium, toilet plungers, lots of pudding, and of course.. love. Aw. Heh heh. But realy, it's good. Don't let that last bit scare you off (ala "chick flick") because it's not really. This movie is too.. great, to be your average chick flick. That doesn't mean it's not a sweet movie though.

The music and film style are fabulous, too. The first few minutes seem to defy everything that's "right" about making movies today, and I really loved it. I mean, no title, no opening credits, sparse dialog, intriguing visuals, music, and unique camerawork telling the opening minutes of the story.

Emily Watson did a great job performing alongside Adam Sandler, too. She's pretty cute, too. I don't usually find blonde's attractive (not to say they're not pretty), but she is I think. Perhaps it was her nice English accent. I'm sure that was part of it. Heh heh.

This will definitely be added to my collection, someday when I have a bit more money. :-)

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the shroom the shroom
If/when you have the money, go see Finding Nemo. I think you'll like it.

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