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Still Know How to Groove

I was going through my CDs today, trying to find some CDs I've been missing. I found one of them, "Still Know How to Groove" by EveryBodyDuck. I was pretty ecstatic since this is one of my favorite bands, and one of their best albums to boot. They have awesome lyrics, they're fun, sarcastic, and poignant. Take for example the title track which pretty much sums up my thoughts on organized rel -- er, Christianity:

Well I don't have a Bible that weighs 800 pounds
And I never passed out flowers at the mall.
I have never talked to spacemen or howled at the full moon
Don't have a velvet painting of Jesus on my wall.

Well I don't have a briefcase or wear a 3-piece suit
And I never ride my bike wearing a tie.
I have never shaved my hair off or sacrificed a friend.
Don't want my head chopped off and frozen when I die.

Well Jesus doesn't want me for a zombie
And He's given me free will so I can choose.
I've escaped this world's snare but I don't have to be square
Oh yes, I have become a Christian but I still know how to groove.

Well I've never played with cobras or walked on red hot coals
And I've never even touched a tambourine.
I'm not very good at bingo, I don't worship shiny rocks.
No, don't have plans to wed my sister named Irene.

Well I don't pray to statues, not even if they cry.
Don't watch that Jesus station on TV all day long.
Well I've never seen Elvis, don't have 6 billion kids
And I don't sing through my nose on every song.

Still Know How to Groove - EveryBodyDuck

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gwyneth gwyneth
i own this cd. i'm not sure where it is...but i sometimes listen and laugh.

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