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Ok, this was weird.

A elderly deaf man came in to work today and started to write on a piece of paper.. he wrote: "If I ready to type IUPUI. What do you say? Yet." which.. I had no clue what he meant, I could only guess that he wanted to use a computer or typewriter. So he then wrote: "Do you mean? Now, do you didn't know to me?" I wrote: "Do you mean computer or typewriter?" and in response he just wrote: "Study School" and then underlined it. Then he kind of gave me a look and just walked out before I could write anything back. I guess I should have written that I didn't understand in case that wasn't clear. I hope he wasn't upset.. I feel kinda bad now.

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Sheryl Sheryl
I've kinda been in that situation before, when I worked at a bank. Sometimes we would have some people that were deaf, or that had special needs come in, and need help and I wouldn't understand what they needed. It's very frustrating. :-/

j3k j3k
Hahah. I don't think he was deaf. He was probably just messing with your head because he hates you.

Oh I just remembered, the deaf guy also wrote: "don't listen to that jeeves guy, he's full of crap."

middleageguy middleageguy
That's pretty strange and i have no idea of what he meant. STrange.

gwyneth gwyneth
well, deaf ppl that use asl have a different grammar structure and don't really learn english the way we use it, oftentimes. so...i don't know if that sheds any light on your predicament.

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