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Taken from the Eisley forum:

"We got to see friends from Tyler, Texas who drove all the way up....and got married the day before. Congrats - Cora and Joam." (Boyd)

Did I miss something?? Last I heard they weren't getting married for like a year? But I haven't really talked to either of them in a while either. Anyway I was surprised. I bet they eloped. Heh heh.

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jeeves 3krapped his pants jeeves 3krapped his pants
I think I just crapped my pants.

Sheryl Sheryl
More power to them. Big weddings are SO SO overrated. And overexpensive.

Whatever.. you can say that now, but I'll laugh someday when you have a big wedding.

Sheryl Sheryl
Ha. No, I won't.

cora_lynn cora_lynn
yup, rumor is true. it's good stuff, man. good stuff.

Uninvited Uninvited
I think we all missed something. I just saw them week before they got married. Totally had no idea it was happening. I was having a crap day when Cora came so I was not as spastic as I ussually I'm when she was visiting but Joam was in my house for like a week and I NEVER saw marriage in his eyes nor did I hear any talk about it. Though Cora did call alot and have kevin and I place random I love you notes for Joam to find in our house. Other than that I had no clue.

The thing that makes me bumbed is that I didn't get to wear a funny suit. Of all my friends I know that they would have found the humor in that. Other friend wouldn't have found it as funny.
NO WHAT I'M I gonna DO! No I have to wear my funky suit to a strangers wedding! Well atleast then I'd get a slice of cake out of the deal.

Seriously I'm getting low self esteam complex from the non-invite I recieved. At the rate I'm going I'll be starting a marriage service in Nevada in a poor attempt to sare the happiness I never got to share.

The editor The editor
aw crap
I ment to saw i saw them weeks before not week. fudge!

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