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Two Must-See Videos

Here are two must-see videos on the 'Net.

Mac commercial
# a lovely spoof of the Mac commercials. There are two "f-bombs", so be warned if you have tender ears; but it's really quite hilarious.

Forklift operation
# This is actually a German video, so the sound won't do you a lot of good (unless you know German). Must be seen to fully appreciate the humor. So funny it can't be serious; or is it?

Both are in Windows Media Player format - sorry Mac users, haha. Actually I'm sorry for PC users too, because WMP really sucks. Quicktime is good. But Macs suck. Got that?

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Ian Ian
I'm tired of hearing everyone say, "Macs suck." Some of the problems that were mentioned in the video I have had with a PC. I had a laptop where the Ctrl, Alt, and Del keys mere much more worn than the other keys. I don't own a Mac, but I'm not going to go out and trash them. Each computer architecture and each OS are made for a specific purpose. No one would expect Win95 to be a real-time OS or Linux to be really easy to use. And as for Macs not being able to view WMP files, that is stupidity on the part of Microsoft. So basically, if you have a specific problem with a Mac, expound on that, but otherwise don't just say something sucks.

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