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I just returned from my "weekly" guys accountability meeting I have with some friends. I put weekly in quotes because since summer came we haven't met every week.. or we've just hung out more than had serious spiritual discussion. We realize that fellowship is a good part of it all, but we need to get more focused, a bit more structured. Which is something we talked about tonight and all feel better about now. It's nice having some goals, I guess.

Anyway, it was a good night. Had some interesting discussion about government, morality, and the Christians place in both arenas and how they interact. Then we got into a discussion about "being under the law" and how that relates to tithing. Then, as mentioned, we had some good discussion and goal-setting about making our group more effective.

It was really a good night, and a good day overall. It's hard to explain, but I really got this strong desire to not be apathetic. My spiritual walk has been, eh, OK I guess, but it's been a while since I've seriously prayed. I've prayed of course, and been sincere.. but tonight I just really got the desire to pray, not just because I know as a "good Christian" that I'm supposed to - if that makes any sense. Motivation is the word I guess, something I know from talking to other Christians (particularly around my age) a lot of people have been lacking.

Anyway, as always.. there is no formula. It'd be nice if I could say what exactly to do to get motivation. You could insert any Christian cliche here about how to get it, but even those wouldn't be accurate I don't think. There's nothing special that's happened recently to bring this on for me. Strange and mysterious, just like God.

"You are all I want / You are all I need /
You are the air I breathe / In You I can see /
In You I am free / In You I am complete /
There is nobody else who is like You..
~ The Violet Burning :: Nobody Else

[ Everyone should check out their worship album "Faith and Devotions of a Satelite Heart", one of the best worship CDs; and it's all original worship music, performed very well, I might add. ]

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Word. I have more to say, but it started to get long, so I'm just gonna email ya instead. :-)

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