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It ends up that Lagushka II went on my mission trip to Russia '96 with me. She subscribed to me recently, but never said hello or anything. Luckily I had a hunch who it was and asked - and I was right. So that's cool. [She said she's not as quiet as she once was; then why didn't she say hello? haha]

I also got a reply email from a good friend Mike Ford, whom I didn't expect one from because last I heard he didn't have regular Internet access. Now he does, so hopefully we'll be able to catch up.

And today I've been hanging out with my friend Andy, who's back in town (from NC) for several months.

Here's to good friends, and seeing good friends you haven't in a while, and getting back in touch with friends after long periods of time. It's been a great day so far.

Er, *clinks glasses together*

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Lagushka2 Lagushka2
well....hello then.

guess who guess who
And what about friends you see all the time? Those are good too, right? :-D

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