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Words cannot begin to describe.. but I'll try

Sunday June 29th ~ in Bushnell, IL ~ through Saturday July 5th ~ God ~ music ~ family ~ sunshine ~ camping ~ volunteering with registration ~ working with New Life youth group from Springfield, MO ~ and one local volunteer from Bushnell ~ free Powerade and water ~ "Happy Birthday Kirsten!" ~ messing w/ random people as they drove in ~ i.e. "license and registration please" ~ or "sorry, but we need to strip search the driver in every 300th vehicle" ~ got free Doritos from the Dorito truck guy for that one ~ "you don't want to see me naked", he said ~

Our campsite, "Camp Dude!" ~ "sleeping" on a hill the first night ~ more like perpetually rolling to the bottom of the tent ~ moving the tent the next day ~ making new friends ~ rocking with friends ~ sweating with friends ~ "friends that sweat together stay together" ~ new friends and neighbors "Camp Sweet!" ~ man meals ~ golf carts ~ no rain until Saturday night ~ forgetting earplugs ~ ruining Cory's day when I told him Leigh Nash (Sixpence) was already married ~ in full effect all over ~ "we're trying to achieve a state we like to call 'burnination' with this show" - Reese (FIF) ~ "Just so it's clear, The Cheat will not be playing tonight." - Jon (Switchfoot) ~ chicken quesadillas (thanks gwYn) ~ "what did one eye say to the other?" ~ "something betweeun us smells" ~ wishing Eisley was there ~ wishing other friends were there ~ worship on the beach at midnight ~

Bands seen ~ 77s ~ Anathallo ~ Anberlin ~ Ashley Cleveland ~ Bill Mallonee/VOL ~ Brandtson ~ Cool Hand Luke ~ Danielson ~ The Detholz! ~ Divebomber ~ Ester Drang ~ Firefly ~ Five Iron Frenzy ~ Havalina Rail Co. ~ Holland ~ The Insyderz ~ Jade Trees Weeping ~ John Reuben ~ Joy Electric ~ Living Sacrifice ~ Lost Dogs ~ Lucerin Blue ~ Madison Greene ~ Mae ~ Michael Knott ~ Michael Pritzl ~ Over The Rhine ~ The Party People ~ Relient K ~ Saxon Shore ~ Sixpence None the Richer ~ Spoken ~ Squad Five-O ~ Starflyer 59 ~ STEVE TAYLOR ~ The Violet Burning ~ Waterdeep ~

Last ~ but ~ not ~ least ~ Ohio crew: Cory ~ AJ ~ Nate ~ Emily ~ Heidi ~ Heidi (another one) ~ Luke ~ Justin ~ Caleb ~ Wisconsin crew: Katie ~ Kendall ~ Tony ~ Indiana crew: Doug ~ Sheryl ~ Ronda ~ and me. ~ Chris and Heidi (yet another one), but they were wussy and got hotels, so they don't fully count. :-]

Happy 20th birthday, Cornerstone!

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jeeves 3000 jeeves 3000
"Nice. I noticed you used a lot of big words. I didn't get to read it all, but... what does it matter because I gave you an A anyway!"

Jimmy Eat World is way overrated. It's okay everyone, you can say it. Heh heh.

Hey, most "big" bands are overrated. At least I don't treat JEW as the "Saviour of Music" that most of their fans do.

I'm not saying they're bad, but I think they're overrated. I can't get into them, his voice annoys me after a while. *shrug*

Atom Smasher 3000 Atom Smasher 3000
Heh heh... I never said radiohead were the saviours of rock(although U2 did, once upon a time)... I agree, I just like them. I like what they're doing musically, but I understand not everyone does... hahah, I've accepted that most people don't like what I listen to a long time ago.
I'm just saying I like them, and I have an extra ticket to see them... and I'd like to share the experience. I'm happy to see them, I'm excited! And I would hope my friends would share in my excitement! *sigh*... heh heh.
I just don't know what purpose your comment served, other than to bring more needless division! Boo, gRegor, booo!!! Hahah.

Bah, whatever. The comment served me giving people my thoughts. If ya didn't want it, ya should have disabled comments. heh heh :-]

Anyway, how about a fricken' comment on this post, not about Radiohead or JEW, somebody? Heh heh

I know you already gave it an A, jeeves, so you're good. *thumbs up*

gwyneth gwyneth
you get 17 eprops from me for 1) mentioning my name and 2) remembering how to make a simply delicious (though ridiculously easy dish) after sitting under my 'tutelage'.
did you get FIF's new cd? i'm ultra bummed that i will not be able to get it until 2004 (i guess it's ok tho, b/c i'll be outta the country most of the time).
i'm glad you had vast quantities of fun.

j3k j3k
the FIF CD is now available for purchase online.

yes, at http://www.themobilemessage...

Elizabeth Elizabeth
fun, fun. i've always wanted to go to Cornerstone, but. oh well.

Sheryl Sheryl
Why would I want to buy the CD online? I already have it. :-D

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