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Well apparently I was supposed to work today from 9 - 5. I totally forgot. See, my typical schedule on Fridays (this semester) is actually evenings 5 - 9. I had taken the day shift for a co-worker today, though, but forgot it was actually today. I thought it was next Friday. So I didn't set my alarm and slept in. When I got around to checking my voice mail.. there was my manager's message "doesn't look like you're coming in at 9 today?". I explained the confusion and it was alright (though I really could have used those hours). I also double-checked to make sure I'm not working tomorrow. Heh heh.

What's even funnier, though..

Yesterday I worked 9 - 3:30. I got there about 9:10 because traffic was terrible. I'm walking down the stairs to where our location is and the lobby has several people waiting for the door to be opened - including my manager Steve.

"Uh, what's going on?" I asked.
"My key won't work for some reason.", Steve said.

We have these electronic 'Intelli-Key', so it's feasible that something might have gone wrong with it, so I didn't really think much more of it. Mine worked, so I saved the day. I did get a chance to use a good line with one of the teachers who was waiting in the lobby. I said "yeah, they don't give the managers keys around here." When he left later he jokingly said "make sure they get him a key, alright?" Haha.

So today, when I'm on the phone with Steve after explaining the confusion, I said "Well hey, you can't give me too hard of a time after yesterday with your broken key. Did you get that fixed?" He told me it wasn't broken, he just didn't HAVE it yesterday. It was in his desk, locked inside our offices. I about died laughing, because he'd lied to everyone about his key not working in order to save face. Classic.

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gwyneth gwyneth
that IS a humourous slew of anecdotes...
i'm not sure i spelled that middle word right...but...i don't really care. (that's a lie, i do, but...i'm too lazy to look it up, so i'm pretending i don't care.)

matt edens matt edens
Greg, what is your email address. Will you contact me at I need to meet with you to pay you the rest of your money. Later dude,

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