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One more thing..

This goes out to Ian: MACS SUCK. Hahah

Ok, I'll expound, a bit. PC vs Mac always degrades into "Windows vs Mac" which is a pretty narrow perspective. Windows OS sucks because of all it's security holes, it's bloatedness, and it's lack of stability. Mac OS sucks, in my opinion, because it's annoying to use. Yeah, I know, it's preference.

Macs are like the de facto standard for editing, graphics, even music a lot of times. But PCs are quite comparable I think, especially lately. It boils down to the principle of the thing. I'm a PC guy, that's all. I do use Macs occasionally, but I much prefer a PC w/ Linux on it. I'll give OS X props for the Unix base.

Anyway, I think the video was meant mostly as a joke. After all, the guy said he did the video on a Mac. And the logo said "Crash different", so it's not exalting Windows or something.

Viva la open source! [/geek]

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