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I just took all my previous posts from xanga and put them in this weblog. I even transfered the comments, that's how special you guys are. Or something. ;-]

Between this and my last post, aren't I exciting today? Hah.

Hello new subscribers (this is overdue, sorry):
thedarkbecamelight - don't know ya, but your xanga looks cool.
guitarstrummingpunk - this guy is almost funnier than me, and just as cool.
fresusjeak - a fellow computer geek.
TMAlumniliar - unknown alumni who's being honest
just_a_pianoplayer - an Eisley forum friend
indykitty - Kathy. Loopy Kathy. :-]
BurnDark - another computer geek w/ funny stories
ShyN - roommate of guitarstrummingpunk (I think)
Lagushka2 - long lost friend from my trip to Russia in '96
ThePhoneGuy - runs the phones at TM. So he's probably responsible for the long waits and disconnects. [just kidding]

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Kathy Kathy
loopy, huh? hmmm... it seems i have absolutly no defense for that one... oh well... loopy it is

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