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Haven't written much lately.. no one has missed it anyway, I'm sure. Bring forth the random blabbering:

  • The band Elliott is calling it quits. This is very, very sad since they are very, very talented. Their album "False Cathedrals" is one of my favorite albums of all time. They're doing a tour this fall, I understand, and that's that. I'd recommend trying to see them on that tour. You can listen to some of their mp3s at (free, legal).
  • I'm going to King's Island on Sunday, that should be fun. Haven't ridden any roller coasters this year yet.
  • If you use Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows XP you should be aware or an annoying virus that takes advantage of a HUGE security hole in the operating system. The process to detect if you have the virus as well as the necessary steps to prevent getting it can be found on Micro$oft's site. THIS virus is rather benign, it won't destroy your computer. But the security hole that it takes advantage of.. well, it could be used quite maliciously in the future. Fix it now while you can. You've been warned. :-]

    Bleh, that's all for now.

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