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Growing up stinks sometimes

I was rather taken aback when I found out in my Database Concepts class tonight that we're going to have to write a 25 - 30 page research paper along with presentation. Single spaced, even. Oh the humanity! Heh heh. It is a group project (groups of 2), so that's a plus. Well, hopefully it is.

Research papers are not my favorite, but I can cope. I think the most daunting thing is just that it's about a topic none of us have a lot of experience with. He gave us 10 different topics, all various types of databases. Not like "Access", "Oracle", or "DB2" [Access is arguably not even a database, but I digress] - but more abstract like "E-commerce", "Geographical Information Service (GIS)", "Database security", "Clinical databases", etc.

It's gonna be tough, but hey, this is grown-up life I suppose. No more getting by with thinking "well really the paper is half as long, since it's double-spaced!" Haha.

After I got out of class and it settled a bit more, I wasn't so anxious about it and am somewhat looking forward to it. Life was still easier at 4, though.

I will leave you on a totally unrelated note: this has got to be one of the best blonde jokes I've ever seen.

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blonde Seren blonde Seren
It only took 3 for me... and I'm blonde!
*YAY, Smart Blonde!*

Seren Seren
It only took 3 for me... and I'm blonde!
*YAY, Smart Blonde!*

*dumb seren* *dumb seren*
heh, ok... perhaps I should cancel the yay blonde comment. Sorry about that! It didn't originally show that it posted!

g dawg g dawg
um, i win...i was suspicious after the second click. :-D and i'm sometimes blonde...i think.
ps...i still read, comment, etc...
what's your deal?


BurnDark BurnDark
I caught on when I got to The Elms message board, so only two clicks for me. I was suspicious after following the first link. I thought that you just wanted to give credit to the place where you originally found the joke.

Well "g dawg", school has started, plus work, plus I've been moving for the past week. Been pretty busy, but I'll catch up on people's weblogs.. sometime.

kokomojo kokomojo
Thanks for the compliment :)

Loopy Kathy Loopy Kathy
Is it bad that it took me like eight clicks before I caught on... oh well...

ron ron
Yeah no doubt, all of your messes could be cleaned up in five minutes, and you could move on just as quicly

Kathy Kathy
hmm sheryl mentioned something about how all the comments besides ron's are about the blonde joke and none about your post and that reminded me that i origionally had a comment before your stupid blonde joke distracted me.... grrr... anyway... yeah... so you don't like writing papers?!? I don't get that at all.... I LOVE writing papers!!! Well provided they're about something i'm at least somewhat interested in... i just totally dig the whole process... yeah fun fact about me: I used to write papers in junior high school that weren't even assigned, that noone ever read... problem is I never did my assigned homework and barely graduated... i wish they'd actually taught something i cared about in public school but instead i was just a "dumb kid"... and ppl wonder why i have issues... oh my goodness i'm rambling... anyway... if it weren't kinda like unethical or something I would totally write your paper for you gRegor... the e-commerce topic sounds kinda interesting... (p.s. I've been drinking a lot of coffee)

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