gRegorLove little g big R


gwyneth gwyneth
i took the gay quiz...i'm not gay. i mean, i didn't think i was, but then they had a quiz that could tell me for sure...thanks flooble!

gwyneth gwyneth
also, the user testimonials for become cooler...the one at the bottom that said mj...yeah, that was hilarious.

Sheryl Sheryl
Wow, you did become cooler. You're even mentioned in BOTH of the newest Strong Bad emails.

ummm... anonymous... yeah... anonymous ummm... anonymous... yeah... anonymous
hmmm i'm suspicious... is it even possible for you to be cooler? well at least it wasn't measuring hottness.. I'm definitly sure that is not possible... i mean like i studied physics and stuff and am a pseudo-professional physicist and i'm so sure that it is not possible for you to be any hotter

Thanks Kathy - I mean, anonymous.

Kathy Kathy
who told you it was me? *wide eyed innocent look*

Strong Bad Strong Bad
Gregor is a weird name. gRegor is... nah I'm not even gonna touch that.

Kathy Kathy
Here?s a funny conversation I thought you might appreciate?

Me: I?m so mysterious these days.
Sheryl: You?re such a goober these days.
Me: posting anonymous messages about gRegor?s hottness and all
Sheryl: yeah, cuz that was SO anonymous
Me: what do you mean? i thought i was very incognito
Sheryl: yeah, that?s why he knew it was you
Me: why doesn?t anyone else marvel at gRegor?s hottness
Sheryl: gRegor does

Crazy Philosophy Guy Crazy Philosophy Guy
You cannot be both hott and cool
You cannot be both hott and cool
You cannot be both hott and cool
You cannot be both hott and cool
You cannot be both hott and cool
You cannot be both hott and cool
(Repeat until you see the light and know the truth of this statement)

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