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Crap. I meant to work on a graphic to put up on my site for today, but never got around to it due to school work. Maybe I still can, if I get the time here at work.

I think Kathy gets the uh, "reward" for most comments posted here. She's been like 90% of the comments this week. Haha. She doesn't realize I get the IP address of every commenter, so changing the username is useless - I know it is her. And you don't do a very good Strong Bad.

And Sheryl marvels at my hottness, as do many other women. She's just in denial. Or jealous. Why not both?

This post, as most others, is entirely useless.

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Sheryl Sheryl
It's all meaningless.

Sheryl again Sheryl again
And you're definitely not as hott as you used to be.

Kathy Kathy
I was not 90% of the comments... and just to prove my point I will not comment on this post...

Kathy Kathy
dangit.. i just commented didn't I?

Kathy Kathy
twice... i commented twice!!!!

Kathy Kathy
three times... four times... okay sorry I'll stop now...

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