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Good Ole Dilbert

I don't have convenient access to a scanner, or I would just scan this.. but it's easy enough to describe:
- -
Secretary talking to Dilbert:
My son is flunking all his classes. I'm hoping he can get a job involving computers.

Dilbert to Secretary:
Carrying them?

Elsewhere, Dilbert to Dogbert:
People don't like it when you fill in the blanks in their stories.
- -

I <3 Dilbert.

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Sheryl Sheryl
Hmm... I know that strip you're talking about. I've seen it posted somewhere where I'm at on occasion, like somebody's office at work or something. But... I can't remember where it is. Dangit.

g_wyn g_wyn
i like phil, the punisher of minor sins...
who darns people to heck. he amuses me.

your least favorite heidi your least favorite heidi
gregor :: yay for dilbert // boo for no scanners .


- h e i d i -

your least favorite heidi your least favorite heidi

i don't insult YOUR fruit !

- h e i d i -

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