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Here comes the Rock

Just got an email from the Chevelle email list; they're going on tour again. I was pleasantly surprised to see:

11.15 - CRAWFORDSVILLE, IN - WABASH COLLEGE (STUN & Campfire Girls to support) (Wabash College Show)

and then even more surprised to see:

12.15 - INDIANAPOLIS, IN - THE VOGUE (Switchfoot and local opener to support) (WRZX Show)

Oh yeah, right here in town, with Switchfoot. That will be a great show.

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brandy brandy
... not that I can go.. but its only three dollars :'(
And yeah. I'm getting up at 5 to make my body get used to that crappy ugly hour. .. 2 months.. I'm a "slow learner"

brandy brandy
I must agree... I am a stud muffin to lift cars and of hte such... My back finally stopped hurting! Only a few tylonal and a heating pad!
... and I already added you to my list :)

BurnDark BurnDark
I saw that too, and I think it was the same day you posted this. Weird.

Sheryl Sheryl
/me wants to go...

middleageguy middleageguy
i like switchfoot. currently have the beautiful letdown in my car player. They never seem to tour down this way though.

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