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Hurt, etcetera

"Sweet Refractor I'm indebted to you
For your need in choosing me to be the one to subdue
I've so much to think of when a push comes to shove
Because I know now that it's easier to hate than love"

~ Circle of Dust, Refractor

You have a hurt.
You confront a friend.
Your friend apologizes.
Yet things still don't quite seem resolved..
Your hurt is still there.

Forgiveness is hard. How do you do it, God? Actually, forgetting is the hardest part.

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brandy brandy
The jack didn't fit under the car... I had to lift up the car to get the jack under..

*sigh* I tell you, its not easy being macho woman.

g_wyn g_wyn
it's even worse when:
you have a hurt.
you confront the friend.
your friend says it's not their problem, and then confronts you for confronting them, even though you said that you were hurt and you weren't sure you had a right to be and were very vague and more informational than confrontational.
your friend 1/4 apologises and you 200% apologise, even though later you realise you don't know if you should have.
you feel judged and on eggshells around said friend.
hurt is still sorta there.
i had one of these recently. i feel your pain. i'm sorry...unresolved relationship issues SUCK.

g_wyn g_wyn
sorry, maybe not WORSE, but just as crappy...b/c who can know another man's pain.
it stinks, though, when you feel hurt, but then the other person says that you saying you feel hurt hurt them.

that is crappy, and possibly worse. I have experienced thing similar to that, too. But thankfully this wasn't, and things are better now.

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