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It's rather a shame that it seems easier to remember song lyrics than Scripture. Certainly for me, at least.

"The sun will shine, I'll smile from time to time, cause life goes on." - PFR

Though I must say that many lyrics have helped me through rough times, so it's not all that "meaningless" I guess.

"But it won't mean a thing, without you and the love you bring. It won't mean a thing without you." - PFR

"I see it around me, I see it in everything... I could be so much more than this" - Jimmy Eat World

Then I find some songs which might typically be 'sad' or 'depressing', not so at all.

"I want to be so much more than this...
No one cares...
Good, good, goodbye
- Jimmy Eat World

Music is quite an interesting expression.. and connection. I'm glad God made us creative like Him.

"Distance has no way of making love understandable" - Wilco

"It makes me feel so good, to always tell you when you're wrong. Big man that I am, to always have to put you down, put you down." - Pedro the Lion

Hey if I don't get a chance to say this later, man, I love you guys - PFR

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Sorry, my comment isn't really about your post. Oh well. Hey, I haven't seen SuperSexyStick online in a while. Whatever happened to that guy?

g_wyn g_wyn
they may be late, but they truly are great. a silent moment for pfr.

your least favorite heidi your least favorite heidi
mmm ..
pedro the lion
and heidi the lion .
those were good times .
even if my middle name is lynn.

i found their cd the other day in my mess of a room.
it was like christmas.
but better.
i'd much rather have jimmy eat world or clarity
over any stupid boy
any day .


- h e i d i -

Elizabeth Elizabeth
:) love it. so true. pfr perhaps should have stopped with Them. Disappear just doesn't do it as much for me. anyway.

ron ron
I agree, there are some things that lyrics can articulate that you just can't at the present. Speaking of which, I had cd's made for you, kathy, sheryl, and doug. You will get yours probably this sunday. I will have the track list so you will be in the know:) peace

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