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Ok guys, poll time. This was inspired by a chat I had with a certain heidi. She said that Elijah Wood was "pretty". I told her not to call guys "pretty", because most probably wouldn't consider it a compliment. Instead I suggested words such as "handsome", "cute", "fine", or the ever popular "stud-muffin" would work in general. Feel free to add others, except for "pretty".

So what do you think? How would you feel if you were called "pretty" by a girl?

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BurnDark BurnDark
I will express my feelings on this in pseudocode:

(guy_compliment("pretty") == "cool") returns FALSE

natums_angel natums_angel
Ya, I don't think if I was a boy I would want to be called pretty. Maybe because it was coming from a girl it would be a good thing since girls like to be called pretty...well no. Men aren't pretty. Beautiful, but not pretty. What do you think of beautiful?

burnDark burnDark
Beautiful is better that pretty, but not by much. If used in a purely physical manner, then I would not like to be called that. But if it meant the whole person (looks, personality, faith, etc.) I would see it as a compliment

heidi dislikes star wars heidi dislikes star wars
i don't care.
i'm going to keep calling boys pretty .
whether they want me to, or not . :D

- h e i d i -

gwyn also hates star wars gwyn also hates star wars
ok, most guys are not pretty, but elijah wood IS. he still looks masculine, but barely.

Elizabeth has always disliked Star Wars Elizabeth has always disliked Star Wars
I think Gwyn has a point although I definitely think women should, by and large, not call men "pretty". On the other hand, why is beautiful wrong? If I call a guy beautiful I am meaning he is unbearably handsome. Perhaps he has a great character and faith as well; perhaps not.
I think it's funny that gRegor underlined GUYS in his post but the ladies keep commenting anyway.

Well personally I don't have any problem with "beautiful".

I'm also quite disappointed in all you SW dislikers and *cough* haters (grr, gwyn).

As for women commenting, well hey.. that's my main audience. I can't complain. ;)

Now if some of them just liked Star Wars...

Sheryl Sheryl
I like Star Wars.

g_wyn g_wyn
the only star wars i have ever seen was when the brats i babysat last summer put on episode 1 while i was in the same room. i didn't watch...i read a dumb book instead.

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